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The Evolution of Cuban Cuisine®

At Victor’s Cafe, we are revolutionizing Cuban cuisine by blending traditional recipes with modern flavors and cooking techniques. We take immense pride in capturing the hearts of New Yorkers with our exceptional signature dishes, including the world-famous black bean soup, tender shredded beef (Ropa Vieja), and succulent roast suckling pig (Lechón). These delectable creations have become synonymous with Victor’s Café and have garnered a devoted following. Embark on a savory journey with our Empanadas de Pollo, let our curated Cuban rum cocktails transport you, sip by sip, to the heart of Cuba’s vibrant culture.

It’s a Family Affair

Discover the rich Cuban heritage and legacy of Victor’s Café, a renowned Cuban restaurant in New York City. Founded in 1963 by Victor Del Corral, an ambitious Cuban immigrant, and his wife Eloina Ruiz de Ugarrio. The restaurant has become an integral part of the city’s cultural tapestry. Victor’s tireless dedication led to the fulfillment of his dream—a restaurant that initially graced Columbus Avenue and 71st Street.

Throughout the decades, this family-owned and operated establishment has continued to captivate diners with its authentic Cuban flavors. In 1972, Victor’s daughter Sonia Zaldivar joined him, infusing her own passion into the restaurant. In 1980, they relocated Victor’s Café to its current iconic location on 52nd Street. Sonia’s creative touch revitalized the menu, introducing a captivating array of traditional Cuban dishes alongside innovative culinary creations.

The success of Victor’s Café extends to the third generation, with all three of Victor’s grandchildren actively contributing to the restaurant’s triumph. In 2011, Sonia’s youngest daughter, Monica Zaldivar, joined her mother in the management of the restaurant, ensuring the family legacy lives on.

Join us at Victor’s Café, the premier Cuban restaurant in New York City.

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